Medical Electrical Work

We have over ten years of experience in power management for healthcare providers -

from Hospitals, Doctor's Offices, Urgent Care, to Dentist's Offices.

We will be glad to help your medical facilities in any way we can!

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Retail Spaces

We would love to help with any retail space project you might have.

No matter the size of the project, we can help!

We are experienced in large retail spaces to small projects.

(We can also help in the food industry.)

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We can help with your church's electrical needs.

We understand the importance of getting the lighting right for your service requirements.

We have plenty of experience in churches -

from installing the power for LED screens to stage lighting.

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Service Work

We will be glad to help with any emergency

or non-emergency you might have.

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If you are planning on building your dream home

or just want to get a new fan installed,

we would love to help you with all of your needs.

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The word “Tekton” is from the ancient Greek language.

It is similar to the word "technician" and shares its origin with words like "technical" and "technique."

A "Tekton" is a person of skill, particularly with the hands.

Working at sunrise.

Tekton Enterprises - An Albuquerque based Electrical Contractor

Tekton Enterprises was started by David and Angel Deschene. Our first hire was Aaron Wilson to help with company management. David and Aaron have worked together for over 10 years with other companies. Combined they have over forty years of experience serving New Mexico. Over these years they have worked in several sectors of the construction industry from hospitals, dental and vision clinics, retail stores, churches, and light industrial. We have experience in all types of construction from ground ups to remodels and tenant improvements.

David Deschene

David Deschene, President

David has been in the electrical field for twenty years in New Mexico. He started in the residential field doing work on custom homes, then was given the responsibility to oversee all electrical installation for several sub-divisions in Santa Fe. He also performed and supervised service calls for the new home owners. After four years he moved into the commercial field where he gained experience working on retail stores, hospitals, medical clinics, and churches. For the last 5 years David has been the head of electrical operations for his previous employer, performing estimating and project management for them.

Aaron Wilson

Aaron Wilson, General Manager

Aaron comes from a background of being a commercial general contractor for 20 years, and also electrical contractor for the past 15. This uniquely enables Aaron to see the big picture for the needs of clients who are generals and our service customers. Understanding that quality and completion goals are of the highest priorities to meet and exceed customer expectations.